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List of Viking First Names with Explanation

Viking names immediately conjure up images of sturdy warriors, epic conquests and fascinating legends. Coming from the Viking era, which extended from the 8th to the 11th century, these first names carry with them the richness of history and the strength of Nordic culture. Whether choosing a first name for a child, giving a name to a fictional character or simply exploring the meaning behind these names, diving into the world of Viking first names is a captivating experience.

Viking male names often reflect warrior qualities and powerful attributes. Erik, Bjorn, Thor, and Ragnar are among the most popular names, evoking eternal leadership, the strength of a bear, the might of the thunder god, and the exploits of a divine warrior, respectively. These first names evoke the martial heritage of the Vikings and testify to their indomitable spirit.

Female Viking names, on the other hand, are imbued with an aura of strong femininity and a powerful goddess. Freya, Astrid, Ingrid and Sigrid are some of the most popular Viking girl names. They evoke divine beauty, grace, wisdom and victory. These first names reflect the essential role of women in Viking society, both protectors and goddesses of love and fertility.

Each Viking first name has a deep meaning, linked to the beliefs and values ​​of the Vikings. These first names were often chosen to honor the gods, express sought-after qualities or recall legendary heroes. Viking first names have spanned the centuries and continue to be a source of inspiration, both for their powerful sound and their evocative meanings.

So, we will explore male and female Viking names in detail, revealing their meaning and origin. You will discover names linked to war, nature, mythology and spirituality. Whether you are a history buff, a writer looking for captivating names or a future parent looking for a unique and meaningful first name, immerse yourself in the world of Viking first names and let yourself be transported to a fascinating era where bravery, beauty and magic were at the heart of Norse culture.

Viking Male Names with Short Explanation

  1. Erik: “eternal leader” or “eternal ruler”
  2. Thor: “god of thunder”
  3. Bjorn: “bear”
  4. Leif: “descending”
  5. Harald: “powerful warlord”
  6. Ragnar: “divine warrior”
  7. Sigurd: “protective victory”
  8. Olaf: “ancestor”
  9. Gunnar: “warrior”
  10. Ivar: “archer”
  11. Frey: “lord”
  12. Hjalmar: “famous fighter”
  13. Ulf: “wolf”
  14. Rolf: “famous wolf”
  15. Sven: “young warrior”
  16. Einar: “solitary warrior”
  17. Ingvar: “warrior of Yngvi (name of a Viking god)”
  18. Njord: “god of the sea”
  19. Geir: “spear”
  20. Knut: “knot” or “head”
  21. Haraldur: “powerful warlord”
  22. Asgeir: “spear of the gods”
  23. Vidar: “silent warrior”
  24. Halfdan: “half-Danish”
  25. Geirr: “javelin thrower”
  26. Ragnvald: “powerful advisor”
  27. Magni: “powerful”
  28. Eirikur: “eternal rule”
  29. Haraldur: “powerful warlord”
  30. Arvid: “head of the eagle”
  31. Hrafn: “raven”
  32. Thorgeir: “spear of Thor”
  33. Kári: “wind”
  34. Sigmundur: “protection of victory”
  35. Valdemar: “famous leader”
  36. Hrólfur: “famous wolf”
  37. Ketil: “hat” or “helmet”
  38. Brandur: “flaming sword”
  39. Egill: “edge of the sword”
  40. Hjörleifur: “heir of the wolf”
  41. Ólafur: “ancestor”
  42. Orri: “eagle”
  43. Þórir: “God Thor”
  44. Birkir: “birch bark”
  45. Gudmundur: “divine protection”
  46. Kjartan: “war chariot”
  47. Þórður: “God Thor”
  48. Haukur: “hawk”
  49. Bjarki: “bear”
  50. Óskar: “divine spear”
  51. Þráinn: “bold”
  52. Sturla: “storm stem”
  53. Steinþór: “Thor’s stone”
  54. Aron: “high”
  55. Ómar: “famous”
  56. Þórunn: “maiden of Thor”
  57. Jökull: “glacier”
  58. Grímur: “mask” or “cover”
  59. Þórsteinn: “Thor’s stone”
  60. Valdimar: “famous leader”
  61. Valdimar: “famous leader”
  62. Sigtryggur: “faithful victory”
  63. Kolbeinn: “black bear”
  64. Þorsteinn: “Thor’s stone”
  65. Óttar: “spear tip”
  66. Valþjófur: “thief of death”
  67. Grímur: “mask” or “cover”
  68. Geirbjörn: "spear bear"
  69. Þórarin: “warrior of Thor”
  70. Eilífr: “eternal”
  71. Flosi: “big, solid”
  72. Þórleifur: “descendant of Thor”
  73. Óðinn: “supreme god”
  74. Brandur: “flaming sword”
  75. Þórir: “warrior of Thor”
  76. Gunnlaugur: "Battle of the Raven"
  77. Haukur: “hawk”
  78. Bergþór: “Mountain God Thor”
  79. Birkir: “birch bark”
  80. Egill: “edge of the sword”
  81. Ormur: “snake”
  82. Þórhallur: “Thor’s halt”
  83. Kári: “wind”
  84. Snorri: “fighter”
  85. Hjálmur: “helmet”
  86. Fíli: “girl”
  87. Þórhildur: “fight of Thor”
  88. Andri: “man” or “warrior”
  89. Ómar: “famous”
  90. Þórkell: “Thor’s cauldron”
  91. Ásgeir: “spear of the gods”
  92. Valgarður: “enclosure of warriors”
  93. Valgeir: “spear of warriors”
  94. Þórmundur: “protection of Thor”
  95. Haraldur: “powerful warlord”
  96. Arnþór: “eagle of Thor”
  97. Oddur: “spear tip”
  98. Eyjólfur: “island wolf”
  99. Ólafur: “ancestor”
  100. Garðar: “fence” or “enclosure”

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Female Viking Names with Short Explanation

  • Freya: “goddess of love and fertility”
  • Astrid: “divine beauty”
  • Ingrid: “beautiful goddess”
  • Sigrid: “great victory”
  • Gunnhild: “warlike battle”
  • Sigrun: “adviser of victory”
  • Gudrun: “goddess of knowledge”
  • Ragnhild: “divine battle”
  • Helga: “holy” or “sacred”
  • Thyra: “goddess of battle”
  • Hilda: “fight”
  • Solveig: “way of the sun”
  • Brynhild: "battle armor"
  • Ingeborg: “protection of the goddess”
  • Runa: “secret” or “rune”
  • Ylva: “wolf”
  • Gisla: “hostage”
  • Eira: “warrior” or “medicine”
  • Freydís: “goddess of peace”
  • Estrid: “beautiful horse”
  • Elin: “burst of sunshine”
  • Alva: “elf”
  • Svanhild: “swan fight”
  • Frida: “peace” or “beautiful”
  • Yrsa: “divine bear”
  • Hervor: “warrior of the sword”
  • Rannveig: “wife of the gods”
  • Liv: “life”
  • Sigyn: “victory” or “faithful friend”
  • Gudrid: “divine battle”
  • Agnes: “chaste” or “saint”
  • Æsa: “goddess”
  • Rúna: “rune” or “secret”
  • Alfhild: "elf battle"
  • Eir: “healer”
  • Thora: “goddess of thunder”
  • Gyda: “goddess of battle”
  • Alvilda: “elf fight”
  • Jorunn: “young love”
  • Helga: “holy” or “sacred”
  • Aslaug: “daughter of the gods”
  • Sigridur: “great victory”
  • Gudridur: “divine battle”
  • Gunnhildur: “warlike battle”
  • Thordis: “goddess of Thor”
  • Freydís: “goddess of peace”
  • Ragnhildur: “divine battle”
  • Ingibjörg: “help of the goddess”
  • Thora: “goddess of thunder”
  • Sólveig: “way of the sun”
  • Rannveig: “wife of the gods”
  • Brynhildur: "battle armor"
  • Þórunn: “maiden of Thor”
  • Þóra: “goddess of thunder”
  • Svanhildur: “swan fight”
  • Yrsa: "bear div
  • Gyða: “goddess of battle”
  • Þórhildur: “fight of Thor”
  • Æsa: “goddess”
  • Gunhildur: “warlike battle”
  • Gísladís: “goddess of the hostage”
  • Liv: “life”
  • Gudny: “new war”
  • Gudveig: “divine battle”
  • Geirhildur: "battle of the spear"
  • Jórunn: “young love”
  • Ásdís: “goddess” or “divine light”
  • Hervör: “warrior of the sword”
  • Steinunn: “bear stone”
  • Hilda: “fight”
  • Ragnfríður: “divine peace”
  • Asgerður: “divine spear”
  • Sigurveig: “divine victory”
  • Rannveig: “wife of the gods”
  • Guðveig: “divine battle”
  • Eir: “healer”
  • Alfhildur: "elf battle"
  • Fríða: “beautiful” or “peace”
  • Helga: “holy” or “sacred”
  • Hjördis: "battle sword"
  • Lína: “linen”
  • Jóhanna: “God is merciful”
  • Ólöf: “ancestral heritage”
  • Bergþóra: “Mountain God Thor”
  • Lovísa: “famous warrior”
  • Magnea: “moon pearl”
  • Snjólaug: “burning snow”
  • Thórhildur: “fight of Thor”
  • Ósk: “aspiration” or “wish”
  • Guðrún: “goddess of knowledge”
  • Anna: “graceful”
  • Unnur: “energy” or “joy”
  • Brá: “fire”
  • Katla: “hat”
  • Aldís: “old spirit”
  • Þórhildur: “fight of Thor”
  • Soffía: “wisdom”
  • Guðlaug: “divine praise”
  • Brynhildur: "battle armor"
  • Inga: “goddess of fertility”
  • Explanation of Popular Viking Names

    Here are the popular Viking names with a brief explanation:

    1. Erik: "eternal leader" or "eternal ruler", first name common among the Vikings, evoking strong and lasting leadership.
    2. Bjorn: “bear”, a first name that evokes the strength, power and courage of Viking warriors.
    3. Thor: “god of thunder”, name of the Viking god Thor, symbol of strength and protection.
    4. Leif: “descendant”, a first name associated with lineage and the transmission of family values.
    5. Harald: "mighty warlord", a name that represents a fearless and respected leader among the Vikings.
    6. Ragnar: “divine warrior”, evoking the legendary figure of Ragnar Lodbrok, a renowned Viking warrior.
    7. Ivar: "archer", a first name associated with combat skill and mastery of the bow.
    8. Gunnar: “warrior”, a first name which symbolizes the courage and combat skill of Viking warriors.
    9. Olaf: “ancestor”, a first name that refers to lineage and family heritage.
    10. Sven: "young warrior", a name that represents youth, valor and warrior potential.
    11. Einar: "lone warrior", evoking individual strength and determination in combat.
    12. Njord: "god of the sea", name of the Viking god associated with the sea, navigation and abundance.
    13. Frey: "lord", first name associated with the god Freyr, representing fertility, prosperity and generosity.
    14. Rolf: “famous wolf”, a name that evokes strength and cunning, attributes often associated with wolves.
    15. Sigurd: “protective victory”, first name symbolizing triumph and protection against enemies.
    16. Ulf: “wolf”, a first name which evokes the ferocity and warlike savagery of the Vikings.
    17. Knut: “knot” or “leader,” a noun that represents leadership power and resolve.
    18. Hjalmar: "famous fighter", a first name associated with a renowned and respected warrior.
    19. Ingvar: "warrior of Yngvi", referring to Yngvi, a Viking god, and evoking warrior bravery.
    20. Geir: "spear", a name linked to the mastery of the weapon of choice of Viking warriors.

      Popular Female Viking First Names And Their Meanings

      1. Freya: “goddess of love and fertility”, first name evoking beauty, passion and feminine strength.
      2. Astrid : “divine beauty”, a name that symbolizes grace, radiance and divine nature.
      3. Ingrid: “beautiful goddess”, evokes a divine figure of great beauty and charm.
      4. Sigrid: “beautiful victory”, a first name associated with power and triumph.
      5. Gunnhild: "warlike battle", evoking a valiant and combative woman on the battlefield
      6. Gudrun: “goddess of knowledge”, first name which symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and insight.
      7. Ragnhild: “divine battle”, a name which represents an exceptional warrior, linked to the divinities.
      8. Helga: “holy” or “sacred”, a first name which evokes purity and holiness.
      9. Thyra: "goddess of battle", a name that embodies strength and courage on the battlefield.
      10. Hilda: “combat”, a first name which symbolizes valor and determination in combat.
      11. Brynhild: "battle armor", a name associated with a brave warrior protected by her armor.
      12. Runa: “secret” or “rune”, a first name linked to magic, mystery and secret knowledge.
      13. Ylva: “wolf”, a name that evokes ferocity, strength and independence.
      14. Gisla: "hostage", a first name which can represent a captive or protected woman.
      15. Eira: “warrior” or “medicine”, a name that combines warrior bravery with healing qualities.
      16. Estrid: “beautiful horse”, a first name that evokes grace, speed and elegance.
      17. Freydís: "goddess of peace", a name which represents serenity, harmony and benevolence.
      18. Sigrun: “adviser of victory”, first name associated with a woman inspiring triumph and success.
      19. Solveig: “way of the sun”, a name that embodies light, radiance and positivity.
      20. Alva: "elf", a first name that evokes magic, beauty and the connection with supernatural beings.
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