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Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning windows with the magnetic window cleaner

We've all been faced with the chore of cleaning windows, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach exterior windows or high-up windows. Fortunately, magnetic window cleaners are here to make our lives easier. Today, we are going to tell you about a revolutionary product: a magnetic window cleaner with many advantages. Here is our feedback on this product with multiple advantages.

Ingenious design:

The magnetic window cleaner we're talking about today has a unique triangular design, which helps reduce frictional resistance and makes rotation easier. Thanks to this clever shape, no more acid in your hands and hello to labor savings! This window cleaner is capable of cleaning narrow areas and the most difficult to reach corners, for impeccable results.

Double Sided Magnetic Cleaning With The Magnetic Window Cleaner

This magnetic window cleaner is equipped with powerful internal magnetism, which locks the two cleaning sides together. So, when you move one side of the window cleaner, the other side automatically follows, allowing complete and efficient cleaning of your windows, both inside and out.

Adjustable in five speeds:

The strength of the double-glazed magnetic window cleaner can be adjusted according to the thickness of your windows, with five speeds available. This feature makes it convenient and easy to use on different surfaces. Be careful, however, to slowly adjust the pressure at the start of use, to avoid damaging your windows.

High quality materials with magnetic exterior window washer

This magnetic exterior window washer is made of high quality ABS, natural latex and neodymium iron boron magnet. It is powerful, non-toxic, harmless and corrosion resistant. Additionally, it has a built-in sponge to store water, eliminating the need to repeatedly add water. The magnetic and cleaning cotton is durable and helps clean the glass more effectively.

Wide application of magnetic window cleaner

This magnetic window cleaner is suitable for double-layer glass windows with a thickness between 4 and 28 mm. It is ideal for cleaning windows, sliding doors, shower screens and any double coated glass surface of this thickness.

Testimonials from satisfied users:

One of our readers told us about his experience with this product: "I used this magnetic window cleaner for sliding windows upstairs. After a few stalls (luckily there is the rope), After 15 minutes, I got the hang of it and it was really great. A little more difficulty in the corners, but a very good result."

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